Among those who have opened this booklet are our permanent partners as well as people unfamiliar with our company. However, we hope that both will be interested to take a closer look at ProdGamma. Possibly, you will open some new prospects of cooperation for yourselves.

ProdGamma is a company possessing a network of offices in a variety of regions and cities including Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Novorossijsk, Chita. The sales take place in more than 102 Russian cities.

The main lines of our activity include importation of rice, fresh fruits and vegetables into Russia. Our cartage line is also progressing rapidly.

We strive to keep permanent leading positions in all areas of our business. And this leadership is formed by a combination of the companys reputation, skillful and professional employees and innovation business approach.

A prerequisite to preservation of this leadership is our capability for making alterations and flexible response to external challenges. We use new opportunities rather than response to changes after they have occurred. We are constantly progressing in an effort to reach tomorrow ahead of others. We consider any variations of the market not as a threat, but as a possibility for successful advancement.

Far and away, our staff is our most valuable asset. Each of our employees is a highly skilled specialist in his or her area. Our staff is a united team, where all members can reveal their business and creative potential.

Everybody points out a well-developed corporate culture and high level of responsibility inside our holding company.

We are proud of having high reputation both in Russia and in the international markets. As things now stand, stringent management, efficient marketing policy and high manpower potential permit the company to implement highly sophisticated commercial projects.

We are always happy to cooperate, open to new ideas and set a high value on our word. If you deal with us, you have made the right choice.

And now, we should like to dwell in more detail on the main areas of our activity:

  • Fruit, vegetables wholesale;
  • Rice importation and wholesale;

Russia, Novosibirsk

Tel./fax +7 (383) 362-05-55, 362-04-10


Fruit and Vegetables:
Tel./fax (383) 362-03-33, tell. 362-04-80

Russia, Moscow


Tel./fax + 7 (495) 290-36-87, 290-31-26