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Fresh fruits � all the year round!

ProdGamma is glad to welcome you on our fruit page again and offer an extensive range of fruits and vegetables produced in many countries all over the world.

Recently a variety of fruits in the market have achieved a stupendous degree. Sometimes, standing before a supermarket counter, you cannot understand what is lying in front of you � so small, red and spiny. What name does it bear, where does it grow and how do they eat this thing? And so, our goal consists not only in providing people with the required amount of vitamins but also in giving all the charm of free selection to out clients.

The range expansion has been facilitated to a considerable degree by advancement of the Chinese line. Many of the exotic fruits and vegetables are now available. Familiar goods (peaches, plums, tomatoes, pineapples and many others) of Chinese origin have become serious competitors of the European me-too products.

Fresh fruits and vegetables provide an exception to the commonly accepted opinion, according to which tasty things cannot be useful. But, apart from the basic appetite properties, pleasant both for body and soul, fruits also expose a human disposition.

If you like apples, you are a hard-working and slightly conservative person. Your chief is favorably disposed towards you, because you are always ready to fulfill any errand. You have a lyrical and sentimental nature and often feel sad without visible reasons. If your favorite fruit is the peach, you are a sociable person, psychologically compatible with the majority of people. Though, there is one problem � you often give in to difficulties. And if you prefer bananas, you are a gentle and kind-hearted personality inwardly. Though your ways of behaving sometimes are seemingly indicative of arrogance and self-conceit, you are sentimental, dreamy and vulnerable.

The pineapple. Oh, you are an aesthete! Before pronouncing any word, you consider it thoroughly, no hasty utterances and opinions. You try to keep away from people who do not share your views. Books, furniture, clothes, and food � everything shows good taste. If you like grapes, you can keep secrets, both those of other people and of yours. However, your reserved character sometimes oversteps all the reasonable limits, and that�s why people treat you with some distrust. But your punctuality, your ability to keep your word cannot be denied.

Now, as for the fruits that have not been mentioned above. It is best to be friends and communicate with those who are not indifferent to pears and melons. They are easy-tempered and friendly people who generate good spirits. In addition, they have a good sense of humor and are music lovers. In contrast to them, people who have fancy for citrus plants consider themselves to be artists in private, which conveys a great deal. Finally, if you are fond of many fruits and berries � then we congratulate you, since you are a strong and harmonious personality. And, consequently, you are either already our partner, or will become our partner fairly soon.

Of course, preferences may and should differ, and, as a result, wishes of our partners differ too. A well-balanced and individual approach to each customer allows our company to expand the range of our partners and provide them with high-quality goods and services. We highly appreciate and esteem all our partners, since we owe all our present and future success just to them.

Year after year, we expand and improve warehouse areas fitted with the state-of-the art processing equipment and machineries. This permits increasing the scope of fresh fruit storage and warehouse processing. We develop and improve universal transportation schemes that allow prompt and high-quality servicing of all our clients. Thanks to own truck fleet, the period of goods delivery is minimized.

We would like to emphasize that the confidence our partners have in ProdGamma has become possible just because we put our whole soul into our work at every stage of the company�s activity!

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