Import and wholesale of rice, starch.

Rice importation and wholesale is one of our primary and the most successful lines of business.

Rice is a truly unique plant known to people for at least four thousand years. It is assumed that the history of agriculture in Asia started just from the rice grains.

Then, in the distant past, rice became the basic food product for many tribes and nationalities from the North Africa to Japanese Islands.

Many thousands of years have passed from those ancient times, but as before, people of Eastern countries continue growing rice. And prosperity of states and peoples depend on the availability and crop capacity of rice.

In the modern world, this indispensable product is grown on more than one and a half million hectares (!) of land. And approximately six hundred million (!) tons of grain are harvested. A great variety of rice grades have simply defied any classification. They are defined by the times of ripening, spikelet sizes, crop capacity, shape and taste of grains and, of course, by the color. Rice can be white, black, violet, red, beige, yellow and even with streaks.

Actually, this is the most widespread food product, which people in all parts of world and on all continents eat with a great pleasure. And in China, where more than 30% of the world rice crop is harvested and every person eats rice twice a day on the average, the �rice� and the �food� are equivalents.

In the East, rice has become a part of people�s culture by right. They believe here that rice, just like a human being, has a soul, can feel and does not forgive disrespectful attitude.

Besides, this really wonderful herb has its own special �rice� deity.

Nowadays, thanks to modern investigations, we understand how nutritious and health-giving rice is and know about a number of its valuable qualities as well. But long before the emergence of the first research laboratories and scientific studies, the Eastern sages had no doubts in the extraordinary properties of rice. In the East, rice has always been a manifestation of the utmost blessing. According to ancient legends, at the beginning of times rice was a celestial food being beyond the reach of the mere mortals. But, for some time now, the divine vital strength of rice belongs to people. Everything that people relate to the idea of happy (blissful) life is contained in a small grain of rice. Rice is a symbol of health and strength, well-being and wealth, happiness and longevity.

Once Buddha said: �The one who offers rice, offers the life itself�. Being guided by these very ancient and very wise words, we have determined some essential features of our company�s operation.

Pursuing our goals, we remember that there are other companies, the state and society, which also have their goals and aspirations. Taking this into consideration, ProdGamma adheres to the panhuman values in its activity. These are the principles that form the basis for our business. The principles followed by everybody in the company.

We attach the same importance to the interests of our Partners as to our own interests. Prosperity can be reached only through our common efforts. We are sure that partnership relationships, which bring not only material but also moral satisfaction, provide the basis for running business.

We offer to our partners the comprehensive package of services for delivery of any amounts by railway transport. Rice supplies from virtually every importing country, including China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Egypt, are permanently available. We deal both with ordinary rice grades and with the top-quality elite ones. Moreover, this list is unlimited � delivery of the most unusual varieties is possible on special request.

All the above has become possible due to continuous contacts maintained with the leading producers and suppliers of rice from the countries of the South-Eastern Asia � the areas of traditional rice growing. We also have well-established relations with many freight brokers and ship owners providing our company with transportation of rice shipments.

It is worthy to note that the history of our rice line develops rather rapidly � the first lot of rice was purchased in 1998, and now, for three years running, our company is a member of the �big three� of Russian rice traders.

ProdGamma is interested in the involvement of new investors, suppliers and customers with the purpose of further expansion and advancement of our business. We always show sincere regard for our partners and are proud of the fact that this regard is mutual.

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